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Feeling Anxious about your new arrival?

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Becoming a new parent is a huge change but don't doubt yourself in any way. Our classes are not there to tell and show you how to be a parent. There there to give you all the advice and answer any questions you have. From giving birth, to feeding. How to start a routine with your newborn is much easier when you know how and these are the sorts of things we can advise on.

The Testing Of Toodlers

How to save yourself, take control, remain calm and keep everyone happy.

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What parents say

These classes really are a godsend. After hearing how many of my friends had issues with colic and sleeping routine I was so worried about having my first. Followed the advice given and my angel never suffered from colic and is sleeping throught the night at 8 weeks.


Very experienced in all things baby and children. First hand experience is always the best and I really could not recommend this lovely lady enough. Thank you for all the advice and my confidence in being a parent.


Really lovely group to go to. If there is any issues your having with you little ones she has heaps of advice and knowledge. I never knew a 3 hours session could change my life. Thank you so much.


Struggled for years to conceive even with IVF, followed the plan and I fell pregnant within two months. Just gave birth to a healthy daughter. Completely overjoyed.


Fell pregnant within 5 months. Amazed is an understatement. Thought I couldn't have children.


Had a morning home session booked, actually booked by my mother in law. I was really struggling with pretty much everything. She has so much knowledge and understanding. Feel I know what Im doing and how to do it. Have a plan, routine and schedule in place. Thank you!

Cheryl Right

If you cant fall pregnant, well you probably can and she will tell you how. Thank you for brining me the one thing I longed for more than anything and never thought I would have.