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Parenting is tough, and at times can be full of ups and downs. Sometimes, we find it hard to build bonds with our new baby or the bond that was once strong between you and your offspring becomes weakened for various reasons over time. We understand the struggle of wanting to build a better relationship with a child but not knowing where to start, and that’s where the building a bond programme comes in.                                                                                                                            We help you develop techniques to encourage strong, healthy bonds to be built between you and your child. Regardless of your child’s age, whether you are struggling to bond with a newborn, toddler, preschooler or young adult and everything in between, we can find the root cause of your relationship troubles and work on building a stronger relationship that you both cherish.

Each week we will work on making that connection with your child the highest priority. This will mean paying thoughtful attention to what goes on between you and your child. We will take time to see things from your child’s viewpoint so you gain a better understanding of each other. Always remember that although we as a family drive each other crazy, they are still the beautiful baby you welcomed into your life that needs nurturing. Like any other relationship in life, the parent-child bond needs positive attention to thrive. You need to be present and engage to build on your relationship.

The build a bond programme is a five-week programme, consisting of two hour weekly sessions in the comfort of your own home or somewhere nearby, which can be discussed upon booking. During these sessions, we will work to identify the reasons behind your weak bonds with each other, how to build or rebuild them and techniques to help improve your relationship for life. The programme can be extended on request and this is often the case with clients.

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