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What ever the age, Eczema and acne can be a life changing illness. For most it knocks confidence, prevents people from living their lives to the fullest and in some cases stops people from working. It is the main and only cause of some peoples depression and there want or need to find a cure is continuous. For decades there has been many claims that a break through treatment will soon be available, however a treatment is not what is needed. Here at the parents guide, we use our advanced DNA testing to find the root cause of problems. Eczema is easily curable and preventable, you just need to understand your body's DNA which is exactly what we do. 

From babies to adults, we have helped 1000's of people all across the world to change their lives for the better.

We offer a free consultation to begin with and then the cost covers a full advanced hair DNA testing, a full report and a full programme put in place. Ensuring you follow your bespoke plan we expect you skin condition to be cured within 6 weeks. No other lotions, creams or steroids will be needed but we will recommend certain moisturisers that can be used at your desire. 

Customer review 

"After suffering for over 7 years with Eczema, i decided to give this a go. Sceptical if Im honest but best thing i ever did. Cleared within 2 weeks and my life has transformed. Am so so grateful." - Suzzie Uk

"My eczema had flared up and down for so many years, tried every cream and ointment on the market. Some would help short term but it always returned within weeks. Hated my life, it was all over my body. Im thankful for there clear diagnosis and root cause. Im the happiest iv ever been. Thank you". Eczema free for over 8 months. - Stew Uk

"My son suffered horrific eczema pretty much from birth. Would constantly scratch which would then bleed. Was told to try non dairy milk. Improved slightly but was still flaring up. I contacted the parents guide who called me back for a free consultation. I then decided to go ahead with the programme. They covered everything and explained the entire process in great detail. I followed the programme they set out for my son and his skin cleared within 4 days. I was speckless. If anyone is suffering with eczema I can not recommend them enough". - Scarlett Uk 


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