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Typically between the ages of 5-6 months you are likely to be considering the best way to wean your baby and what foods to begin the process. It’s an exciting time watching your baby experience different tastes and textures but can also bring some anxiety and worry wanting to ensure you give them the best possible start to their eating habits. 

We develop an easy to use bespoke meal plan for you little one guided by you're preferences and requirements. With some parents worried about intolerances and others requesting a meat free or diary free diet, we develop a meal programme thats right for you and you're little one. 

The weaning programme is a 2 hour session in the comfort of your own home where we can do the first feed together or prepare you for when you do this at a later time. We will discuss all foods and how best to blend which together, time frames on when to introduce new and more sweeter tastes as well as thicker textures. Within 2 working days you will be sent a bespoke food plan based on what we discussed and your requirements. 

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