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Our new parent programme consists of three sessions in the comfort of your home at different milestones of your journey as a new parent. These sessions are tailored to assist you in navigating your way through your birth and those early days with a newborn and beyond. We will not tell you how to parent, but we are here to give you practical advice, explain techniques and answer any questions you might have. Below is an example of how our sessions are typically split:


Session 1 - Prenatal

Your first session will take place while your baby is still tucked up safely inside your womb. During this session, we can discuss your birthing choices, bringing baby home, pain management techniques, and discuss your feeding options and how to prepare for the arrival of your little one. You can also ask any questions and share any worries you might have.


Session 2 - Newborn

We will try and book session two within two weeks of bringing your baby home. During this session, you can discuss how things are going. We will discuss the practical aspects of feeding your newborn, their sleep routines and patterns, and how to soothe a colicky baby.

This session isn’t all about the baby either. We can also discuss how you are feeling. Becoming parents can be overwhelming, and feelings of stress and anxiety, especially when coupled with a lack of sleep, are entirely normal.


Session 3 - Weaning and Beyond

The third session will take place just before weaning your baby, typically between the ages of 5-6 months. You are likely to be considering the best way to wean your baby and what foods to begin the process. It’s an exciting but scary time watching your baby experience different tastes and textures. We can also discuss baby proofing your home in preparation for your baby starting to roll or crawl in this session. We can also revisit your feelings about your parenting journey so far, any fears or anxieties or other worries you might have.

All the sessions I run are bespoke to your needs, so there may be subjects you want to discuss at length and others that are not so relevant. The programme content will be led entirely by your needs and delivered at a comfortable pace.

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