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Are you wondering how you will make it through another day on little or no sleep due to a baby or toddler repeatedly waking throughout the night? We all need sleep to function correctly, and when you do not get enough time to rest and recharge, it can be hard making it through the next day. It can take some of the joy out of parenting and make us irritable and generally unhappy. We are all told sleep will go out the window when a new baby arrives. Of course, your sleep pattern will change with night feeds and nappy changes, but it doesn’t have to leave you permanently exhausted.

Establishing a sleep routine early will help you and your baby. You’ll feel more rested, and they will be getting enough sleep, meaning they will be less unsettled and grizzly during the day. If you can relate to any of the below sleep-related problems, I can help:

  • Is your baby hard to settle? Do you have to rock, hush, feed, pat or carry them until they are asleep?
  • Do they frequently wake at night?
  • Are they waking too early in the morning for you to function correctly throughout the day?
  • Can you see your baby getting overtired but unsure how to help them?
  • Is your baby more grizzly and unhappy than you feel they should be?

All of these are common problems that parents face. However, you do not have to suffer and struggle to get by on minimal sleep until they grow out of it. If you are struggling to establish a routine yourself, I can help. Based on your particular issues getting your little one’s routine established, we will put a plan to get you both back on track to enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep.

My sleep programmes are not just for newborns. If your older baby or child has sleep issues, we can put together a bespoke plan to help whatever stage they are at.

Our sleep programme is done over the phone unless a request to do it at home is made. The programme is a 2.5 hour course broken down to 30 min per day. The first call we will discuss and take details of the current sleep pattern and establish what the issues are. We then put a plan in place and follow this up daily with a 30 min session given us the opportunity to find out what is working and what isn't. It also gives us a chance to adjust any routine and discuss how the progress is going ensuring you have continued support throughout. 

To find out more or to book one of our programmes please submit the form below. 


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