Feeding & Weaning

Breast or Bottle fed? As a new mum, this feels like the biggest decision in the world. We are constantly faced with the “breast is best” message, and while breastfeeding does have many benefits for mum and baby, there is no shame in choosing to bottle feed your baby or even a combination of both. We believe you need to make the choice that works best for both you and your baby. As long as they receive nutrition to thrive and are both happy, there is no right or wrong choice. Fed is best. My programmes support your feeding choices, whatever they are. We will talk about feeding schedules, how to prepare feeds, breastfeeding techniques, pumping breast milk, as well as answering any questions you might have.

If you are still awaiting your arrival, you might not know how you want to feed yet. So having all the information can help you decide what works for you and your baby.


Weaning is so much fun! After six months of your baby being on a milk only diet, you are excited to introduce them to their first flavours! But with weaning comes another set of choices. Do you start with purees, baby biscuits or go for the ever-popular baby-led weaning technique? It’s a huge milestone, and when a child appears fussy and refuses to try certain foods, it can be frustrating, its easy to get stuck in a cycle of giving your baby the same selection of foods over and over because you know they will eat it. So let me help you break the cycle of fussy eating by establishing healthy feeding routines from the start. My techniques cover how and when to feed your baby. Our children are how we teach them to be, and it is perfectly normal for a baby to refuse a food multiple times before accepting it and trying the new flavour.