Fertility Programme

Have you and your partner been trying for a baby with no success? Being unable to conceive can bring out a mixture of fears and emotions. When trying for a baby, we put an expectation on our body to do what we are told nature intended us to do. But when you try repeatedly and see that negative test result each time, it can be heartbreaking.

If this is you, firstly let me tell you, you are not alone. 1 in 6 couples struggle to conceive. It’s true that fertility is an issue for some women, and even when opting for IVF treatment to create a baby, there is still a high possibility of failure. The whole process is highly stressful and can put relationships under extra strain.

Our fertility programme is completely tailored to your unique circumstances. We use advanced DNA testing to find out about your body and what it may be lacking. If the results show that your body is perfectly balanced, we are confident you can fall pregnant and carry a healthy baby to full term using our bespoke programme. However, where there is an imbalance in your results, we will work together to put a programme plan in place. For example, an imbalance could mean that you may experience difficulty in getting pregnant, struggle to carry further than a certain week and even with IVF struggle to conceive. In addition, if you have suffered multiple miscarriages, this can be an indicator that the sperm is weak. There are many possibilities, and we will work with you and your partner to identify your particular set backs in order to move forward.

During a consultation, we will discuss your circumstances, concerns, and worries and make a plan to give you the best possible chance of starting a family. We know that you’ve already been through a lot to get to this point, and the thought of trying yet another technique might be daunting. However, we assure you that we are so confident in what we do that we offer a full money-back guarantee on the programme if you cannot conceive within 18 months of us providing you with a bespoke fertility plan.

Want to find out more?

Contact us to arrange your initial 30-minute consultation. During this call, we will assess your current circumstances, and as long as you are completely honest with us, we will be able to advise you if we believe our programme is the right solution for you.

Following the initial telephone consultation, we will arrange a session in the comfort of your own home that will take 2.5 hours. We will follow this up with a further two-hour session.

We never take on patients where we are not 100% confident that we can help. Your honesty during our initial consultation will allow us to give you the best possible advice and course of action.

For more information, request a call or to book please email - info@theparentsguide.co.uk